New in MICRODEM Version 10

Version 10.0 first appeared in June 2006, compiled under Delphi 2006.  It was replaced with Version 12 starting in June 2009.  Because of the difficulty in converting to Delphi 2009, the posted releases remained version 10 for some time.

Version number has now been de-emphasized on the splash screen, in favor of the build number, which is easier to track because it changes daily instead of annually.

Program History 

Program installation:

Map appearance and options:

Data download:


Data base operations:

KML and Google Earth

Mask data sets

DEM/Grid Manipulation:

Read/write DEMs:

Line of sight/Viewshed:

General new options or improvements:

Lidar Point Clouds

Tiger files;






Map library --in May 2009, we changed the integrated database to map library.  You lost the ability to set the index map to anything other than a simple world map, but gained the ability to load data from the map library from an map.  SRTM-30 now uses the Map Library rather than a special format.

Disabled options.

Last revision 5/29/2015