New in MICRODEM Version 12

Version 12.0 first appeared in June 2009, and was intended to be compiled under Delphi 2009.  Problems with UNICODE strings meant that the first versions had a number of options disabled while we worked to recompile some options them with UNICODE as the default string type.  The difficulty in backward compatibility between Delphi 2009 and Delphi 2006 means that the conversion did not go very fast. In late May 2010 we finally got the Unicode version running, and henceforth it became the only version maintained. In June 2011 we began the move to Delphi XE.  The distributed version 16 moved to Delphi XE2 in November 2011.

(6/1/2010) Updated current limitation due to the upgrade:

  • GPS/Com Port support currently off.

  • TCP option probably not working.

Version number has now been de-emphasized on the splash screen, in favor of the build number, which is easier to track because it changes daily instead of annually (at best).

Program History 

(11/15/2010) Most recent improvements listed with date implemented

The following recent changes need to documented (or better documented)

Map appearance and options:

 Line of sight/ Viewshed:

DEM/Grid Manipulation:

Data base operations:





Land Cover:

Lidar Point Clouds


Tiger files


Land Cover

3D Views


Satellite Predictions

Debug Log:



Program operation

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