New in MICRODEM Version 16

Version 16.0 first appeared in November 2011, compiled with Delphi XE2. 

Version number has now been de-emphasized on the splash screen, in favor of the build number, which is easier to track because it changes daily instead of annually (at best).

Program History 

(11/28/2011): Spires and pits revised. 

(11/28/2011): Fresnel zones major rewrite

(11/28/2011) Fixed problems with ambush

(11/29/2011)  Area computation revised to create shapefile with the region.

(12/13/2011) Edit menu has new options to remove single point pits or spires in a DEM

(1/2/2012) MICRODEM.INI with default settings

(1/4/2012): Major changes to Line of sight / Topographic Profiles with point clouds (spillover for other cases)

(1/7/2012): option to save end points for LOS from the file menu, and to restore it by opening the resulting CSV file and picking the profile option on the STAT button menu.

(2/10/2012):  numerous changes to plotting databases.

(2/12/2012): To plot database by ratio, first compute the ratio (Edit, Field arithmetic), and then plot that field.

(2/18/2012): Multiple changes to Geotiff imagery, or WorldView 2 and QuickBird imagery with 16 bit data, 4 and 8 bands in a single file.  This requires a new sat_band_names_v2.dbf data file, which now has the names the Landsat TM bands in the database instead of in the program code.

(2/28/2012): multiple changes for form to control point clouds not viewed over a map.

(2/28/2012): can open a TXT file like a CSV

(3/4/2012): option on Image analysis menu to get the Digital Numbers for all bands, and it will report the 16 bit results for Geotiffs.

(4/1/2012): additional options to edit DEMs, and to reclassify them

Veg density voxels:

(7/12/2012): deployment of a 64 bit version is imminent. This requires moving to a different method for database access, because the BDE will not work in 64 bit Windows. The rewrite is underway, and if you use this version of the
program, you should be careful to back up any critical databases as it is possible that there will be growing pains would could involve loss or corruption of databases. The new choice is SQLite3, which hopefully will allow eventual deployment to smart phones.

(7/13/2012) Changes to DEM handling because Memory is cheap

(7/13/2012) Changes to allow Geotiffs to be used as both images and grids

(7/13/2012) Several changes to support databases, because SQLite does not like some field names (e.g. TABLE or FIELD and does not like a "-" in a table name.

(8/22/2012): The INI and menus.dbf file are now  stored in the Windows Application Directory. This  lets each user on a lab computer keep there own  settings.

(8/22/2012): Change to Update MICRODEM program and help file.   The external file is no longer needed, and the  Windows security is hopefully happy with it, and will stay happy.

(8/22/2012): Many changes to Line of sight.

(8/22/2012): Options to open two vegetation grids, two vegetation density voxel data sets, and two point clouds, and to compare then on a Line of sight or slices.

(8/27/2012): First 64 bit version of the program.

8/27/2012: Revision of  MGRS grid zones and 1:100K squares (UTM) so they draw better on conical map projections.  Also changed

8/31/2012: added a Masking option on the Plot popup of a database.

Last revision 8/27/2012