New in MICRODEM Version 17/18

Version 17.0 first appeared in September 2012, compiled with Delphi XE3.  It had the first released 64 bit version of the program.

Version 18.0 first appeared in April 2013, compiled with Delphi XE4. 

Version 19.0 first appeared in April 2013, compiled with Delphi XE5. 

Initially the builds were made interchangeably with XE2 and XE3 and XE4 and XE5 (they are not significantly different, as least as far as what MICRODEM does, and the real differences among these Delphi versions is the support for platforms other than Windows).

Version number has now been de-emphasized on the splash screen, in favor of the build number, which is easier to track because it changes daily instead of annually (at best).

Program History 

9/6/2012: Co-occurrence matrix

9/6/2012: Improved recognition of NLCD data.

9/7/2012: first Windows 64 version of the program.

9/28/2012: Open tiled Geotiff DEM

11/25/2012: Multiple changes to WMS operations

12/7/2012: File, Tools can create a world file for images of the entire earth.  The upper left corner must be -180, 90 (North Pole, IDL), and the image must have a width twice its height.

12/23/2012: use 144 band hyperspectral imagery in single Geotiff file

6/11/13: changes to







Last revision 8/2/2014