No Spaces in File Names

No Spaces in file names.  Never save data in a directory which includes spaces, or use spaces in a file name.  There will generally be no problems, but when they happen, they can be a pain to track down.  If you want to go commercial for your GIS needs, this restriction also applied (for the same reasons) to E$RI ArcGIS the last time we taught students with it, and led to really bad problems. 

Spaces also cause problems on the web (%20 in file names) and links embedded in emails.

Use mixed capitalization (CamelCase), or the underscore ('_') to make your file names easier to read.  MICRODEM will remove the "_" when it shows the file names on captions and graph axes.

Spaces have traditionally been used to separate commands and having them in file or directory names can break batch processing or python scripting.

While we can deal with the problem for Windows, we cannot predict how other programs that are called will respond (e.g. GDAL), and don't have the resources to check on this issue.


Last revision 12/31/2018