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Satellite Spatial Resolution (pixel size) Time series online Temporal Resolution at Equator Download Data for additonal bands, analysis Web site Online Viewing Directions
GOES 500 m (and larger) Current 5 minutes get some in KMZ (says Geotiff, but you may have to use those in QGIS)

Pick Goes East, Full disk
Pick Geocolor, true color daytime (top left choice) and animation loop
MODIS on Aqua, Terra
250 m (and larger) 2000-present, MODIS
2015-present, VIIRS
1-2 days (gaps in daily coverage at equator) Yes, but only registered images

MODIS bands Directions
NASA Worldview       via Earthdata search
Slider at bottom of screen for dates
Comparison slider
Landsat USGS/NASA multispectral 15 m Pan, 30 m multispectral (improved over time) 1984 to present 16 days (8 when Landsat 9 becomes operational) Yes, bands as Geotiff  from Landsat download directions from USGS
Sentinel-2  ESA multispectral 10 and 20 m (VIS and NIR) to 60 m (SWIR) resolution 2015 to present 10 days (5 with two satellites) Yes, bands as JP2 Sentinel_2 download directions from USGS 

Sentinel-1 ESA active radar Few meters, variable resolution and pixel geometry   Near daily source for viewing Options for the different polarizations
Sentinel-1, and Sentinel-2         World cover viewer: See World Cover, and composites from Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2
Sentinel Hub EO Browser           Free account allows more options
More powerful than Playground (meaning more complex)
sentinel-hub user-guide/
Registered image downloads requires login (slow to be approved)

Maxar (GeoEye and WorldView satellites)
Best is 30 cm   Daily or better Buy commercial product. 

Planet has a similar but not public product, and both Planet and Maxar produce data used by journalists.

Airbus Pleiades Neo (30 cm PAN resolution, 1.2 m 6 MSI bands including deep blue and red edge, with at least two possible detections per day) could be another alternative.  One Atlas is their online platform with imagery and WorldDEM; cheapest package is $5K per year

Images for particular usage, and compute areas in the imagery

Other online data viewing


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