Openness Parameters

Openness maps have been proposed as a new way of looking at terrain. These figures show that openness is very closely related to curvature.

Computed for NED in the central Last Chance Range, eastern California. n=118,400 points.

Map of the area showing ridge (green) and valley (blue) classification. 
Openness computed for a 100 m region.


Upward openness computed for a 1000 m region.


Downward openness computed for a 100 m region.


all 118,400 points
30,847 points classified as ridges
30,201 points classified as valleys

Left: positive (upward) openness map;

Right: maximum curvature map.




Hanging Rock Canyon, CA

Scaling is different because of different units, but maps essentially show the same thing.


Last revision 5/29/2019