OSGeo4W download: You will probably have to use Edge or Firefox, and override the browser's overly conservative attitude.   If at all possible do this from the ethernet, and not Wifi. You will wind up with a 1.6 GB directory, and the installation takes some time. If the installation has problems in the middle, the intallation will be corrupt and you will probably have to manually delete the c:\osgeo4w folder and download again.


Once you have installed the package, MICRODEM will find it and will perform all the GDAL operations.  You might have to restart MICRODEM if it was open during the install so that it will find GDAL.

Detailed directions for Edge download:


Sofware included, with some options directly from MICRODEM

To just get GDAL: http://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/wiki/DownloadingGdalBinaries (not recommended, and has not been tested recently).  

MS4W, Map Server for Windows: Some other packages uses PROJ databases from https://ms4w.com/

last revised 6/10/2022