Perspective Sampler

All images from the Hanging Rock Canyon, California 1:24,000 quadrangle.

USGS DOQ (1 m resolution) drape

Drape of elevation/reflectance merge.

The views below are show the same terrain, with different parameters.

Landsat TM (30 m resolution), single band Drape

DEM reflectance

Landsat TM (30 m resolution), three bands (5-3-2 from an older TM scene Drape

DEM fishnet, ChromaDepth colors

DEM fishnet, regular colors
Ridges only

Special Function with Perspective Views

Anaglyph 3D views

Label features on perspective from gazetteer
Alpha blend movie of digital photo taken from Black Butte Fire Tower, Oregon. It shifts to a DEM perspective view with TIGER data overlaid.

Other images.

Perspective view with clouds. TM scene in Afghanistan, draped on SRTM topography. You can see the holes in the SRTM, as vertical bands of color. A number appear near the horizon from 55 to 58.

Perspective view generation.

Last revision 3/7/2017