Peak, Pit & Spire Detection

Option on Calculate menu.

2/25/2023: other than pit and spire, the other routines have not been recently tested and may not work well. Use at your own risk


Select Peak/spire/pit parameters, which includes:

  • map symbol
  • search radius
  • elevation difference.

If you change the criteria  for the Peak/Spire/Pit Algorithm the calculations are done again and a new database created.

  • Peaks DB
  • Pits DB
  • Spires DB 

Databases stored in c:\mapdata\temp directory, and will be deleted on closing the program unless you save them.  The files will be named with the DEM name, and the values of the search radius and size in the file name.

Analyzing just the map area can be significantly faster when exploring for the best parameters. 

Creating the DB will result in less memory, and the database will contain multiple values for each feature.  You can create a grid from the database table and pick the parameter for the grid. 

Spires grid example

Cancel will exit.


Peak/Spire/Pit Algorithm. 

Examples using this

Last revised 2/25/2023