Magnetic Anomaly Data


Magnetic anomalies,

  • Download in MGD77T Tab-Delimited Format.  If you have a large area, the single file option may be too big to load into Excel.
  • Open in Excel, save as CSV (currently problem with direct MD import; may also have to fix missing dates; you can also remove unwanted fields to make the file smaller)
  • Open CSV file in MD to create a point database
  • Create area/line shape file from points
    • Set file name
    • No to area to get line
    • Yes to 3D,  pick the MAG_RES for the z component,  There are issues with some cruises, with MAG_TOT and MAG_RES flipped.  You could also consider using MAG_DICORR, although is missing for many cruises.
    • Yes to Multiple records, pick SURVEY_ID to be the splitting field, and the name for the
    • Leave the thinning factor at 1.

Edit the lines file to add:

Seton, M., J. Whittaker, P. Wessel, R. D. Muller, C. DeMets, S. Merkouriev, S. Cande, C. Gaina, G. Eagles, R. Granot, J. Stock, N. Wright, S. Williams, 2014, Community infrastructure and repository for marine magnetic identifications, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems,  DOI:10.1002/2013GC005176

Global Seafloor Fabric

Last revision 1/31/2016