Two Plate Motions--Spreading Rate/Convergence Computations

Open with Plate rotation button on main MICRODEM toolbar.


  Pick "Two plate motions" radio button.

Pick Current Rotation Model.

Pick the two plates.  Plate 1 will be held constant, and the program will compute the motion of plate 2 with respect to it.

Pick Motion Button at bottom of  form.

Double click on the map and

  • Rates (magnitude and direction) will be displayed in the memo box, along with the fixed plate.
  • This will include the motion of each plate in the selected rotation model, and the relative motion between them.
  • The map will show the vectors for the two plates,  the resultant, or both, depending on the selection options.
  • If selected, the velocity diagram will show the velocites of the two plates.

Example for Juan de Fuca ridge.

Example for Juan de Fuca--North America trench.

Last revision 9/20/2015