Plot cartographic shape file grouping

For full database functionality

Create the grouping on the database menu.  It consists of a database with the names of the databases to plotted, a plotting order, and symbology to use.  It can also have a filter, if you want to use different symbology for different records in the same file.  You can edit the grouping file in Excel (carefully), or as a database in MICRODEM.

To edit the symbology graphically (as opposed to having to enter colors as an integer), you can open the grouping file as a database, put it in edit mode, and then click on a record the change the symbology.

This works by opening each file in the grouping with order 0 in turn, setting the FILTER if there is an entry in the field, setting the symbology specified, plotting all records that meet the filter, and then closing the file.  Then the process is repeated from order 1, and on up until order 9.  This allows changing the order of plotting to something other than the order in the file.

Last revision 11/17/2011