Hardware Options Tab

Tab on options form, brought up from the Options choice on the program menu.

  • Max active threads
  • Digitizing options: by default most files are removed from the Windows temp directory when you shut down. 
  • Firewall allows internal web browser: the options for geocoding work best in a browser window directly controlled by MICRODEM. This requires that MICRODEM be allowed to use a port, which some security settings will not allow. If you administrator has locked you down, you must uncheck this box and use the regular browser, in which case MICRODEM cannot control it as tightly.
  • Debug log operational: you can turn off the debug log. This should only be necessary if you have a debug version of the program and it is tracking operations inside tight program loops and slowing things noticeably.
  • Save transparent GIF
  • JPEG Quality, 0-100: low numbers are low quality and small file size.
  • Update delay: if you update MICRODEM over the web, you need a delay which you can increase if there are problems.
  • When MICRODEM calls another program, showing its WinExec window can help you see the progress and possible error messsage.
  • Disable right mouse click.
  • Use online help (instead of the CHM file).

Last revision 4/23/2018