Product Gallery

Sample output from MICRODEM.

Alps Map Example--combine raster DEM and vector streams, roads, and gazetteer place names.

Maps. Multiple views of a 1:24K DEM.
Elevation transformations.  Spread out color scale and better reveal trends in parts of the z distribution.

Slope maps. Multiple views of a 1:24K DEM.
Aspect maps
Contour map sampler
Contour map directions

Map merges.

3D Maps. shading effect from the DEM for a scanned map (DRG).

Point clouds

Views of California. Views of multiple DEMs at a variety of scales.
County or state DEM maps
Movies and animations:

  Perspective views.

     3D Anaglyphs--maps and 3D perspectives

  OpenGL views

Intervisibility products--weapons fans/viewsheds, line of sight profiles, ambush movies, and required antenna heights.

Image merge and sharpening--combine pan and multispectral images

Map showing three grids in RGB.

Map Visualization

Map projections

Vector Overlays:

Vector GIS Products

World base maps

Climate maps

KML exports to Google Earth

3D Fence Diagrams



Last revision 11/2/2017