Provincial Maps

We have the following data:

Open with Dataset Directory to check if already downloaded
File, Physical Geography Labs, Provincial maps SRTM 3" DEM and GLOBCOVER c:\mapdata\aa_mideast\mideast_grids
  GADM country and province boundaries
  • Level 0 is country.
  • Level 1 are provinces/state
File, Physical Geography Labs, Night lights Night Lights.  (1993 and 2003) c:\mapdata\night_lights\
File, Physical Geography Labs, Population density Population Density.  This will be both the population density (per km), and its natural log. c:\mapdata\world_pop_dens_gpwv3\

Insure you run the Physical Geography version of the program, and load the data with the File, Physical Geography labs.  You might not be able to have all this data open at the same time.

Final project  preparation.

You have these options with the maps:

Suggested data to show the physical geography of the province:

Map display techniques:

Data Set   Description ( Database  to put provincial boundaries on any map) How to open
GLOBCOVER with GADM provinces overlaid. GADM--Global Administrative Areas.

GlobCover 2009--300 m pixels Land cover.

New DEM (pick TIF file)
World population density  2010: (  The website has PDF maps you can download.  If you use the digital data, you will want an "elevation" map, and you may have to adjust the color scale if your area is really rural because the huge urban densities can swamp the map.  One way to deal with this is to create a map of the log or ln of the elevations; the download contains both the density and the ln of the density. New DEM  (pick  DEM file)
Nighttime Lights, 1993 and 2003 Night lights.  These data come from the Air Force DMSP satellite. These have Contrast enhancement which you should turn off. New image (pick TIF file)


World population density  2010 in persons/km




Natural log (ln) of density

Actual density, max set to 500

Nighttime Lights






    Climate distribution in the province


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