Point Cloud Options, Main Controls

LIDAR Point cloud form  option

Main controls on the bottom of the form, always visible:
  • LAS lidar Color coding options.  This varies with the data set.
  • Active point clouds.  Check/uncheck which  clouds to use.  They are drawn from the bottom to the top.
  • 3Views: export intensity, elevation, and LAS categories so you can rapidly pick which to show in the 3D display.  Because they will have points at the same location, just colored differently, you can display only one at a time.
  • Class cats: export the LAS categories as separate layers, so they can be turned off and on in the 3D display.  This will use the current coloring scheme.
  • Force Redraw (on the associated map):  The program attempts to automatically redraw when you make an obvious change, but you might disagree with its assessment.
  • OpenGL Point cloud
  • Slice: EW and NS slices through the point cloud.  These are xz and yz.  The xy view will probably be less informative.  If you have two clouds open, both will be available on the slices.
  • Cancel
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Last revision 6/18/2020