Point Cloud Slicing

For a LAS file, this can be done:

You set set options on the to load the following into memory for display on the LAS tab of the options form:

  Controls for slice viewer.
  • The xy slice either requires very careful selection of the z level, or greatly increasing the thickness of the slice.  It will not add much to the displays you get with the point cloud directly on the base map.
  •    If a change does not automatically redraw the view, use this button.

Global DEMs:

  • Must be a geographic DEM
  • Adjust the display, since it will be duplicated with the shift
  • Pick the button, and the two slices will be created, one with the 1/2 pixel offsets.  They will be dumb bitmaps; if you want to modify them, readjust the display
y-z slice:
x-z slice:

last revision 9/1/2020