Earthquake Data Download
  Fill in the required Search Parameters
  • Set the start time to something like 1950.  Note carefully the positions of the start and end times; it is easy to get them reversed.
  • Enter the bounding box coordinates
    •  in the advanced options, by typing them in
    • graphically on the map, picking"Custom" for geographic region on the right side of the web page
  • Get the CSV format in the output options
  • You can accept the defaults for the other parameters

Select "Submit Search" at the bottom of the form.


If you request too many earthquakes

  • Make thegeographic box smaller
  • Make the time interval shorter
  • Only get larger earthquakes
The spreadsheet format (Comma delimited) allows you to import the data in MICRODEM. If you open the file if Excel, close it, because it cannot be open in two programs.

Database open to plot the earthquakes on a map; pick the CSV file you just downloaded. There will probably be several fields that you must shorten to <= 10 characters in Exe, or you can let the program do that automatically.

Last revision 4/19/2019