Redistricting Control Form


Redistricting Form.

Statistical data for the current redistricting plan. The size of the color bars are proportional to the target population shown in the "Goal" column, which should be 100% (or very close) for each district.

For each district, it shows the number of blocks, the population, and how close each district is to the goal. 

Change redistricting plan:

Highlight:  Checking radio button "Black" or "Hispanic" changes district to show those blocks that have greater than a 50% (or other selected cutoff selected to the right) minority population.  If one of the goals is to create a district with a majority that is over 50% Black or Hispanic, then obviously you need to target the blocks in solid as opposed to the others.  If none of the blocks in district have a majority of the minority group, then neither can the district as a whole, but you can look at smaller percentages.

Last revision 10/29/2018