Register with Map Analyst  Option has not been tested recently.

Uses Map Analyst program by Bernhard Jenny and Adrian Weber, Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich. At present we need the image coordinates in both maps, and are getting them with some hand tweaking.  MICRODEM is also not happy with the Swiss projection, and we hand registered the new map using Google earth and a three point affine transformation.

Historic map, showing locations of control points.

These are X_IMAGE and Y_IMAGE in the database, in image coordinates (NW corner is 0,0).

New map, showing location of the control points.

These are X_REF_IM and Y_REF_IM in the database, in image coordinates (NW corner is 0,0).

This image is registered, and used to compute the LAT and LONG coordinates for each control point.

Delauney triangulation of the Lat/long coordinates of the points, done with the Reg File button, and then the TIN Mapping option.  This will create a database with a TIN- at the front of the file name.

Reproject old map


Export map for Google Earth.

Last revision 10/2/2008