Reinterpolate DEM

Option is on File, Save DEM, menu when a map has a DEM associated with it.

The Reinterpolate options will create and open a new DEM.  If you want to save that DEM, activate its window and use the Save DEM option.  This will effectively reproject the DEM or grid.

Reinterpolation uses a bilinear interpolation, which MICRODEM always uses to get an elevation not exactly on a grid node.

There is no penalty in MICRODEM for using lat/long DEMs, and all computations use them without problems.  Lat/long DEMs are much better for seamless operations (USGS and NGA agree, and that's what is used for NED, SRTM, and DTED).

If you are downsampling and want to consider a larger region rather than just the four points around your desired grid postings, you can Filter the DEM first.

Last revision 8/22/2014