Right Click Physical Geography

On a map window, right clicking, Physical geography provides these options:

Monthly wind
Sun position equinox/solstices

Annual length of daylight

Annual sunrise/sunset.  This provides

  • Latitude, based on the difference in daylight from summer to  winter
  • Hemisphere, based on the timing of max (summer) and min (winter) daylight

Julian days start with 1 for January 1, and goes to 365 or 366 for December 31.


Annual solar elevation

  • Elevation to the sun at local noon (not exactly noon, depending on position with the time zone, and possible daylight savings time.
Terrain sun blocking

Monthly climate graphs at point.

This will create a graph for each open data set.

  Monthly temperature ranges: max, min, and average temperatures.  See the effect of ocean moderation and continentality.
Evapotranspiration/precipitation--the water budget
Koppen climograph from station records
Koppen climograph from climate grids
  Quick rotate map: must be a planar projection


Last revision 12/15/2019