Sentinel 2 Imagery

This is a European Space Agency (ESA) satellite.  Data is available or Copernicus Open Access Hub (Directions)  .  There are two satellites on opposite sides of the earth, and each revisits the same locations every 10 days, so one will visit every 5 days.  Imagery is acquired at 1030 local time, which minimizes the effect of shadows while also minimizing potential cloud cover.   This is the close to the same time as Landsat and SPOT-5, allowing integration with their archive for time-series studies.

First data in 2015. 

Multiple resolutions complicates intelligent display (unlike Landsat, which provides the TIR bands at the same resolution, with only the Pan band a different size)

Landsat versus Sentinel-2

Bands and resolution

To identify the desired tile(s)

Complex data structure, JP2 file format; the imagery is buried 4 levels down in directories with very long names.  You should use folder selection to pick scenes.


Download available from Copernicus Open Access Hub

MICRODEM will use GDAL to convert the JP2 files to Geotiff .  There is an option on the Imagery tab of the options form on whether to keep the JP2 files (needed if you want to use ACOLITE) .

Working with Sentinel-2 in MICRODEM



Using in QGIS:

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