Setting Satellite Contrast

Band on  map tool bar

  Set contrast method (listed and described here).
  • Tail size only applies to two methods with linear stretch and excluding of the tails
  • Min and max only apply to range masking.
  • The preview image shows a quick look at the method applied to the center of the current image.
  • Force screen redraw keeps this form if you want to see full effects before leaving the form
  • If you ignore 0 for the histograms, large void areas (empty data for imagery collected in diagonal swaths) will not affect the color table.
  • Quick redraw will redraw the entire map when a change in parameters is made; otherwise just the preview window will redraw. 
  • Ignore 0 for histograms: this is usually the missing data flag.

Band: select multiband or single band on the first tab. 

Examples of contrast.

Last revision 10/21/2018