Program Setup

MICRODEM was developed and tested for English language usage only.  Set your regional settings to English or live with the consequences. We have no funding for language translations.

Download and installation instructions

You should Update MICRODEM program immediately after installion unless it has a very recent build date.

You will be asked about GDAL the first time you run the program.  If you do not locate it, the program should not ask you again, but you will not be able to open some formats.

Settings are stored in an INI file.  Nothing is written to the Windows registry.

Database access.

Map data files should go into subdirectories under \Mapdata, preferably in a map library databaseMapdata should be in the root directory of whatever drive you want to use. This may not be required, but you might encounter problems if you want to change it, and we are unlikely to try to debug those issues.   Even if you will access data from a CD-ROM or a network drive, these Mapdata directories must be available with write permission:

Basics of running MICRODEM.

Command line parameters

Files required to run program

Help file

Display problems

Known limitations.

Last revision 1/6/2022