Sand Sieve Analysis

Sieve theory.

Plotting Sieve Results and Calculating Statistics

Option on the Geology menu.

How to:

Add data to existing diagram: File, Open, or File, Create file

Add data to new diagram: File, New diagram, then File, Open, or File, create file.

Create a data file: File, Create file.

Display an existing file: File, Open

Change display: Options, Phi and normal probability axis or Options, MM and arithmetic axis

Menu structure:


New diagram: create a new sieve diagram, using the currently selected options. This diagram will be used for any additional data files selected.

Open: display an existing data file and display it using the currently selected options.

Create file: call the data file creation window.

Edit file: call up a text editor to edit a data file.

Close: exit the program.


Phi and normal probability axis:

MM and arithmetic axis

Show statistics: for cumulative percent retained versus phi size, this will show the statistics.

Window: cascade, tile, or select individual window.

Help: access help file, see hardware available, or the program version.

Last revision 8/19/2015