Slice Controls



Controls for slices:

  • Slice parameters
    • Slice center: a value on the axis that is not shown on the view.
    • Slice thickness (m):  picks slice width, centered on the center line.  If you make this too thick with dense 3D data, the graph will be solid, and you will get out of viewing plane anomalies if the surface slopes or is not perpendicular to the asixs. With a dense point cloud, this can be small, but it must be larger as the point cloud contains fewer points.  With a larger slice thickness, if the surface slopes into/out of the view, it will be spread out in the vertical direction on the plot.
  • Slide In/Out
    • (vector point and tail) buttons jump the slice.
    • The edit box controls how far the jumps move with each button press
  • Cloud: if more than one cloud is on the slice, you can toggle which ones to show. 
  • Display parameter: if there are multiple options.  The data set must have the selected option, and you must have enabled export of that layer (LAS  tab on Options form).  If the option is not available it will not appear.
  • Plane picks the plane for the graph. The x-y might be the least informative, or may require a much larger slice thickness, and you can get the same effect on a 2D map.
  • Graph: if you have the screen real estate, you can open multiple graphs.
  • Graph size
    • Width, Height: change size of graph windows.  One of these dimensions will be reduced to keep the graph correctly scaled, unless you uncheck 1:1 scaling.
    • 1:1 scaling: keeps the axes on the view scaled together.
  • draws or redraws  the diagram.  If a change does not automatically redraw the view, use this button.
  • OpenGL 3D option. 
  • Map pick: clicking on the map draw the slice through that point
  • Polar:
  • Slice thinning: skip points for faster drawing (and less clutter on the display)
  • V--More options: these may not have been tested recently, and might work only in very limited circumstances.
  • Box stats: used for Comparing Global DEM with Lidar.
  • Canopy: used for Comparing Global DEM with Lidar

v More: open additional controls, many of which have not been tested recently.  Use cautiously.

last revision 1/18/2022