Slider Sorter

Display options

  • Three slides appear at a time, all the same size
  • Three slides, center much large to see detail.
  • Four slides in two rows.

You can scroll in to see the full detail.


Controls.  The same controls are below each slide.

  • Back: go back to previous slide.
  • Save: remove the file from the list.  This allows you to focus on the slides you want to delete.  The file will still be on the hard disk.
  • Delete: removes the file from the list, and moves the photo to the recyling bin.  Action will be irreversible, unless you have backups.
  • Next: move to the next slide.  The two slides on right will shift left.
  • >>>: move 3/4 slides forward
  • Del-Del-Del: moves all 3/4 slides on screen to the recyling bin
  • Slide position and file name appear below each slide.


Coming Improvements

Last revision 11/2/2019