State Plane Coordinate System for Imagery

You can now use SPCS data sets (imagery and SPCS DEMs) with the following limitations:

When you import an image with a world file, you will get this form. Normally you would just confirm the datum and UTM zone.

Select the SPCS button to use SPCS coordinates.

If this form does not appear when loading an image, one of two things happened:

  1. You do not have a world file with you image, and it uses another form of imagery. 
  2. You already opened the data as UTM, and the program remembers that. In that case you must delete the datum file (*.TDW, *.JDW, and so on) and correctly tell the program about the projection.
SPCS zone selection
The text below the SPCS button shows the zone name and the units selected.

If SPCS is selected, all other options will have no effect.

Last revision 10/7/2007