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These highlight recent changes, but we are probably not capturing a complete list of improvements.











1/21/2018: LAS 1.4 files display


12/19/2017: Point cloud display only shows options that are present in the point cloud.

12/18/2017: improvements for high resolution terrestrial lidar scans

12/15/2017: satellite contrast and band selection on a single form

12/10/2017: many improvements to point cloud operations, slices, and OpenGL 3D views


11/1/2017: multiple enhancements to Open Vector Map

10/23/2017: Changes to geomorphometry

10/10/017: redo TIN  operations, which were  probably not working.

10/3/2017: zipatone for area pattern fills.

9/30/2017: many small changes in the last month (UTM projection, database drawing, ambush  maps).

8/24/2017: parallelized viewsheds (which had  probably had the parallel option turned off for some time)

8/16/2017: parallelized filters, and several variants  of geomorphometric point classification map creation.

8/11/2017: changes to TIGER: show streams/coast separately, and redraw when setting parameters to see effect immediately.

8/10/2017: major changes to projections for LAS and Geotiff files, to simplify and make the code consistent. We will be moving to use the EPSG codes (and databases wioth constants) to allow more projection/datum combinations. In the process, it is possible that some of the more exotic data sets (and perhaps even some pretty standard ones) to fail. If you have problems with GeoTIFF or LAS files, please contact us.

8/6/2017: storage and display of vector outline maps changed. Old saved PRJ files will not work.

7/30/2017: open and merge of USGS GeoPDF  topo quads.

7/23/2017: several conversions (LAZ, convert GeoPDF) can now use threads.

7/22/2017: multiple improvements for reading LAS  projection information, and for reprojections (now including SPCS)

7/21/2017: improvements to import of CSV/TXT  files into databases.

7/20/2017: option to use Notepad++ to display metadata and other text output

7/15/2017: native conversion of LAS files with UK and Irish grids to UTM (on Resample menu of the data manipulation form).

7/14/2017: for band ratios and NDVI with Landsat, option to use refelectance or radiance instead of DN.

6/15/2017: improved options for 3D point cloud manipulation. 

3/4/2017: default is now to strip the leading zeros from string fields (think FIPS and ZIPs) when used to join. If you want to use the files in another database with files that have not had this done, turn off the option of the join form, or add them back in before using the databases elsewhere.

2/28/2017: major improvements for Landsat satellite manipulation, and change on where files are stored.

1/4/2017: USGS has deprecated the WMS service we have used. We are working on getting a substitute working.

1/3/2017: Major changes to display of databases on the map;

1/2/2017: Major change to handling of multiple point clouds. For some of the operations that edit the clouds, the option will only work on the first cloud.



11/8/2015: XY rotation of images has a new format for the .xy file. You will probably have to recreate it.

8/21/2015: this will be the last version of the 32 bit program released, and the 32 bit version will no longer have the ability to update from within the program. If a severe bug causes a new version to be released, it will require a manual upload from http://www.usna.edu/Users/oceano/pguth/website/microdem/microdemdown.htm.

7/30/2015: 64 bit version is now the default. The 32 bit version will not be updated as often as the 64 bit.

7/24/2015: recentering map now done only with right click

7/10/2015: major revision to LOS/terrain profiles and perspective views; contact us if there are problems with lesser used options.

7/9/2015: use NLCD 2011

5/5/2015: fixed bug finding pits

4/26/15: fixed bug which left a white void on the bottom of maps drawn with multiple threads.

3/5/2015: option to put map name in a corner, on marginalia form.

3/3/2015: many DEM calculation and display options have be parallelized, for a speed increase proportional to the number of cores (or faster). Let us know if you have favorite options which you think should be sped up.

2/26/2015: Removed GMT options; they have not been used for years.

2/21/2015: DEM map drawing threaded for parallel operations. Speed up by approximately the number of cores available.

2/10/15: GPS options removed. Use normal database.

2/8/2015: Now reads and displays RGB colors from LAS point type 3.


12/16/2014: many geomorphometry options are now threaded (terrain fabric, openness maps)  for much faster operation. Unfortunately, no progress bar. Unhappy campers can turn off parallel for loops on Hardware tab.

8/1/2014: Natural Earth vectour outlines now have automatic zoom with scale, and program will automatically get the new files.

7/30/2014: SDTS DEM reading now requires GDAL.

7/29/2014: New internal format for MICRODEMv4 DEMs.

5/14/2014: Windows 64 version should be working and needs rigorous testing.


12/2/2013: Landsat imagery must use the current USGS file naming conventions to be recognized.

8/29/2013: help file not included in the download. You should download it on the help menu, and the program will prompt to download it the first time you try to open it.

7/15/2013: active transition between BDE and native interface to DBF files; both 32 bit and 64 bit versions should share the same code base when the transition is over. Check the debug log to see which version you have.

6/19/2013: new option using GDAL to reproject shapefiles. The existing options will be removed.

4/26/2013: supervised image classification undergoing significant changes. If you want to use that, you should be using the version of the program in the full install.


12/23/2012: multiple changes for hyperspectral imagery (144 bands) in a single Geotiff file.

11/30/2012: new default location for viewsheds, as the older default does not work in Windows 7. If  you had set a value, it will be overwritten.

11/25/2012: multiple improvements to WMS operations.

11/19/2012: numerous improvements to the 64 bit version of the program. WMS downloads now includes USGS DRGs, which can be picky about the scales at which they work.

(9/7/2012): 64 bit version of the program now available, and the menus.dbf file is no longer used.

(8/22/2012): The INI and menus.dbf file are nowstored in the Windows Application Directory. This lets each user on a lab computer keep there own settings.

(8/22/2012): Change to update of EXE and help file. The external file is no longer needed, and the Windows security is hopefully happy with it.

(8/22/2012): Many changes to LOS operations.

(7/23/2012): Download new file for LAS (Lidar) definitions. This allows reclassification, and will support the new 1.4 specs with additional classification categories when that option is added.

(7/12/2012): deployment of a 64 bit version is imminent. This requires moving to a different method for database access, because the BDE will not work in 64 bit Windows. The rewrite is underway, and if you use this version of the program, you should be careful to back up any critical databases as it is possible that there will be growing pains would could involve loss or corruption of databases. The new choice is SQLite3, which hopefully will allow eventual deployment to smart phones.


(12/20/2011): moved program defaults settings to an INI file. This will allow them to be fully sticky, even when adding additional settings, and allows the file to be viewed in a text editor. Complete migration will take some time.

(11/6/2011): program now called version 16, to denote compilation with the XE2 version of the Delphi compiler.

(9/18/2011) : major changes in anticipation of going to 64 bit mode. These affect all parts of database operations, and undoubtedly bugs will appear. This version will only be selectively released for a while, and if you have it, you should use with caution.

(9/18/2011) :New compression/decompression engine for ZIP, Tar, and GZzip (7Zip.exe, which must be in c:\microdem\zip with its DLL).

(8/15/2011): additional many changes to LOS, for point clouds

(8/1/2011): significant changes to database operations.

(7/20/2011): significant changes to LOS (so that point clouds can be superimposed). Check any results carefully.

(8/1/2011): Major changes to the database table operations.

(7/13/2011): significant changes to SPCS projections read from Geotiff and LAS files. This require the (automatic) download of new databases with the SPCS projection codes and parameters.

(5/23/2011) Using the Natural Earth shapefiles for vector map outlines. You should download these shapefiles (File, tools, download data). Report any problems in getting and configuring the overlays.

(7/13/2011): significant changes to SPCS projections read from Geotiff and LAS files. This require the (automatic) download of new databases with the SPCS projection codes and parameters.

(5/23/2011) Using the Natural Earth shapefiles for vector map outlines. You should download these shapefiles (File, tools, download data).

(4/10/2011) New options for viewsheds, and redesign of viewshed operations.


(12/14/2010) New option to sort databases.

(7/21/2010) If you try to download MSR map data, insure that you read the help file on this topic.

(7/15/2010) Windows temp directory has been moved the "c:\mapdata\temp" because Windows 7 (and presumably Vista) is so anal about not letting you go there to the suggested temporary directory. Since it had such a terrible path name anyway, maybe this is long overdue.

(7/12/2010) Major rewrite for shapefile creation and rewriting.

(6/1/2010): you should only select WGS84/NAD83 as the primary map datum.

(5/27/2010) Program is now compiled with Delphi 2009. If you are extremely risk-averse, you should stick with an older version for now. This is the only version that will be upgraded.

(5/23/2010) New version 3 of the MICRODEM DEM format. If you export to other software that expects to read MICRODEM DEMs, you should should a older version of the program, and get that software to be modified (should be a very simple fix). You should also use Geotiff as a better format for transfer.

(5/16/2010) Major changes to Geotiff imagery, to read GeoEye; if you have problems with Geotiffs, please report them since we have a limited sample on which to test.

(4/2/2010) The program now checks for critical support files when it runs, and will prompt to download them if they are not present. You should accept and perform the download. This should  only happen if you have updated the EXE file.

(3/15/2010) Changed viewsheds/weapons fan. You must download the new support files.

(1/17/2010) Changed drawing of grids and graticules.


(12/20/2009) Allowed cut/paste of lines and areas between shape files. Use all shapefile options with caution (i.e. on a copy) until we verify that there are no problems introduced with the improvement.

(10/4/2009) Any satellite training and supervised classification data sets that have been saved will no longer work.

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