Recent Program Changes

These highlight recent changes, but we are probably not capturing a complete list of improvements or changes.  Older changes, 2012 back to 1985.  From 2008 to 2012, changes may be split between files.

Satellite changes underway:

January 2022

New features Bug Fixes Options removed--if you want it restored contact us
  • Fat finger exercise added, to check the accuracy of point selection with mouse or trackpad
  • New sat_band_names_v15.dbf, to handle the MSS data from Landsats 1-5
  • New tm_rgb_v3.dbf, for additional band combinations, and a note field to explain color choices
  • WhiteBox toolbox must now be in c:\microdem\wbt to be recognized
  • Major cleanup of subtle bugs by enabling  overflow and range checking
  • SPOT and Ikonis imagery must be in a directory path with the satellite name (they probably only work for very old data, as we have not seen recent samples)
  • Openness maps can be created from the command line

Many small fixes (some of which will only take affect for new installs, or resetting the program defaults), including

  • Auto Mercator to UTM shift
  • Names for Natural earth data file groupings
  • Natural Earth pixel size switchovers changed
  • Yellow grid labels inside map switched to white
  • Fix problems with resizing multiple maps with the same satellite image
  • Removed showing the position with two datums when roaming on the map
  • Removed show datum shift while roaming over the map 
  • Removed the separate map window for satellite imagery with no registration.  Until it is restored, Delauney triangulation image registration is disabled.
  • Removed support for state plane coordinate systems.  If needed, uses WKT or PRJ files.  Contact us if there are problems.
  • Removed special cases for the Morocco projections, which only worked for vector maps.  If needed, use WKT or PRJ files.  Contact us if there are problems.

December 2021

New features Bug Fixes Options removed--if you want it restored contact us
  • Changed Geotiff file reading, to work with files larger than 2 GB.  Be on the lookout for problems, as we might not have tested all varieties of Geotiff.
  • New downsampling method: average points in the pixel extent of the new grid, which can have a different projection.  This can now be created from the command line
  • Option to save DEM as a LAZ file, using Lastools.
  • Changed Natural Earth Vector index locations, and the redraw is faster and smarter
  • All points in line, with XYZ--allows getting elevations for points along roads or similar features in a shapefile
  • Use NGA programs to compute, using the full model resolution, EGM96 and EGM2008 geoid
  • EGM2008 and EGM96 fields now have "_GD" if using the grids,  or "_AL" if using the NGA programs
  • Open Street Map files from Planet_ recognized without renaming
  • Added WKT projection name to GDALINFO output
  • Improved Landsat pan sharpening, so it is sticky and can be used for OpenGL view
  • Sentinel-2 multiband can now use any combination of bands, with different spacing
  • Option to express aspect in either true or grid north.  For UTM grids, this makes a difference for the Queen's aspect ratio
  • Fixed bug that merging DEMs would not open a map
  • Fixed small bugs is point cloud 3D images
  • Sentinel-2 data prep on the Tools menu--just open images normally 

November 2021

New features Bug Fixes Options removed--if you want it restored contact us
  • Added option to Create new band  for land surface temperature with the thermal bands in Landsat.  It requires you to assume an emissivity, and you should insure that the emissivity is appropriate.  It might work for sea surface temperature, but you will probably have to mask out the land portion and clouds (which will be very cold)
  • In memory of Tom Craven, DragonPlot is now freeware and fully intergrated in MICRODEM
  • If deleting JP2 files from Sentinel-2, they will now be recycled.  You should watch that the recycle bin does not get too large.
  • 11/17/2021, only the debug version of the program is available because the release version has errors which we have not been able to track down
  • Added GRASS aspect maps
  • Added aspect slope map merges
  • Additional options for aspect map color scheme
  • New color palettes file, with circular colors
  • Modified reading of Sentinel-2 to deal with  the upcoming file format change of Sentinel-2 data (Processing Baseline 4.00), due in early 2022.  This format has many more JP2 files, which were not handled correctly.  We will have to revisit this, since the sample image does not appear very representative.
  • Annotate Map, Create shapefile, Create shapefile with the map outline
  • Fixed bug in Brightness temperature computations (probably introduced last month with allowing ratios for Sentinel-2 bands with different resolutions)
  • Hopefully fixed problems with setting and using masks.  In the process of simplifying the code to debug the issues, they went away without actually identifying the problem.
  • Fixed problem creating shapefile by digitizing
  • Fixed problem with grids not drawing clearly atop the map
  • Fixed problems with offset of Geotiffs with RGB in one file
  • Fixed problem for geographic Geotiff imagery, the x and y spacings were flipped, leading to bad aspects on the maps
  • Fixed problems with DEMs starting at the prime meridian, and going to the IDL (long 0-360)
  • Tracked down access violation closing climate grids (multigrids) when they did not have an assoicated map
  • Fixed problem that could not close the 3D options form
  • Mark as missing, everything below cutoff was mis-behaving
  • Fixed minor problems with grid correlations

October 2021

New features Bug Fixes Options removed--if you want it restored contact us
  • Option to delete metadata Geotiff DEM files (on the Import/Export  tab of the Options form).  These are big, and for most users not very useful.  If you know enough to use them and want to save them, you need to change the default.  If you have terrabytes of global DEM data, every terrabyte counts.
  • Change to how Geotiffs the MICRODEM cannot read, routed through GDAL, will be handled. For imagery this restores the old version (overwrite in place) instead of the new version for DEMs (write in temp directory).
  • Landsat Collection 2 data should now be supported, routed through GDAL.  For the data now supplied in TAR files, you must use MICRODEM to untar, and use the Landsat option to create a folder with the correct name (or manually do that)
  • Iwashashi and Pike Classification revised, with two roughness methods
  • Normalized difference index, with picking the bands manually, works with different band spacings (initially for the chlorophyll index, with the first band having lower resolution than the second one)
  • Changed the default for deleting Sentinel-2 JP2 files to FALSE, including for any that have been set.  This is to allow processing using ACOLITE; if you want them deleted, you must reset the default.  ACOLITE will do Lansdat and  Sentinel-2
  • Option to make 4 grids with the variogram gamma in each of four directions; you pick the number of pixels to go out.
  • Option to normalize TPI and TRI, so that all directions go out the same distance.  This affects the diagonals for UTM and geographic grids, and the EW directions for geographic grids.
  • Should recognize Sentinel-2 and Landsat bands when they are opened as DEM/grid, and will display in grayscale
  • Changed how OTB needs to be set up (a very old distribution name was hard wired in)
  • Added the name of the graphics adapter to the hardware report
  • Fixed some issues with trend surfaces, and the improved the all trend surface option
  • Fixed bug in geomorphometry point parameters (region sizes not defined)
  • Move curvature categories from overlay to Raster GIS create new grid
  • Finally tracked down subtle that some grids would case an errro when closing (turned out to be grids copied from another grid)
  • Fixed bugs with Delphi 11 that some menu options did not work, primarily choices on the map dealing with geomorphometry
  • Fixed problems that map subset and zoom sometimes went to the wrong location (maybe only with vector maps?)
  • Fixed issues with the GDAL subset of satellite imagery
  • Fixed problem with UTM DEMs that some options were not right (dark hillshade map the most obvious issue)
  • Fixed problem that some options with the database grid in the DB table did nothing
  • Fixed problem that changing the step size for point cloud slices changed the thickness of the slice as well
  • Calculate, Point Coordinates removed (use right click)
  • Calculate, Point parameters removed (use right click, Geomorphometry)
  • Remove Calculate, DEM grid
  • GeoPDF import is disabled: it does not work currently with GDAL or QGIS
  • WMS disabled (it has not worked in quite some time)
  • Removed option for Packbits compression of Geotiff images
  • Removed multiple curvature algorithms, at least until we fix curvature
  • Vegetation obstacle grid which probably has not worked in some time
  • Removed Econ version, shipwrecks version, and TCP version (which has not worked in quite some time)

September 2021

New features Bug Fixes Options removed--if you want it restored contact us
  • Harmonization of
  • Selected GRASS commands available on raster external tools
  • GDAL batch files must now use an OSGeo4W installation (which is 64 bit, the only option now supported).  You can try just renaming your old installation, or redownload
  • Moon rise/set, sunrise/set moved from main toolbar to right click under physical geography
  • Raster GIS menu
    • Create roughness map, std dev of the slopen which does not match the results in GDAL
    • Create TPI, TRI, and roughness from GDAL
    • Create TPI, TRI together natively in MICRODEM; results match GDAL
  • Removed EGM96 binary import, since GeoTiff now available
  • Oceanography tab on options deleted; single check box moved to geology page
  • Analyze, DEM Properties revamped
  • Stream profiles now use a database
  • Moved to Delphi 11 Alexandria 
  • GDVI added for satellites (vegetation)
  • Fixed intermittent problems with UTM grids
  • Fixed convergence index
  • Revised and improved code for SSO options
  • Tweak Geotiff export so that Whitebox will read it (QGIS and GDAL had no problems with the older version)
  • Remove Duck beach profiles creation (it was hard wired)
  • Remove drainage basin network
  • Remove Export contours as shapefiles removed (use gdal)
  • Remove VRML import
  • Remove contour line ghosts (a nice result for its time, but DEMs not created that way any more)
  • Remove SSO distribution by slope
  • Remove Option to disable right mouse click
  • Remove Option to use online help

August 2021

New features Bug Fixes
  • DEM map flicker movies (Overlay, Mulitple map interactive comparisons)
  • Use Census 2020 files (started, but probably needs the shapefiles due by the end of September)
  • RMSE for difference maps, DB fields
  • Create maps with the x and y slope components (Multiple parameters, or Slope (%) and components)
  • Add EGM fields to database
  • Create new UTM grids to match a map with different x and y spacings
  • Fix crash with UTM grids
  • Fix problem with Geotiff DEMs where RowsPerStrip is not 1

July 2021

New features Bug Fixes Options removed
  • Fixed problem that "bugging about GDAL" worked backwards and would not stop bugging you (solution would be to install GDAL, which is becoming and more and critical)
  • Removed TM processing from the DB table (it can be done on the image)

June 2021

New features Bug Fixes Options removed
  • Maps with the hours of direct sunlight illumination
  • Option on Raster GIS menu to subsample DEM by averaging
  • New Landcover database file name.  It has several new landform classifications, and a new field ("STAT") that allows fields not to be used in computing statistics (useful for ocean).  "USE" controls only if the class is colored.
  • Use several new landform classification grids.
  • Mask all other DEMs to match selected DEM, on Edit menu, Mark as missing submenu
  • Open Point clouds by directory will now find all files in subdirectories (e.g. for Norway data)
  • Indexing DEMs removes the auxiallary metadata TIFF files
  • When GDAL fixes a Geotiff, the original is now placed in the recycle bin, which you should monitor to insure you do not kill your disk space
  • Fixed problem that sun position menu was not populated in the perspective view
  • Bug fixes and improvements to horizon and sun blocking options
  • Fixed direct ASTER import to match new path on USGS server
  • Fixes to the DEMIX 10K tiles, to avoid missing  data in the western hemisphere, and bad names in certain longitude ranges
  • Fixes to download ASTER and NASADEM which might not get all the data in the negative hemispheres
  • Create point cloud grids from a DBF file

May 2021

New features

April 2021

New features Bug Fixes
  • Changes to half-pixel shifts to deal with ASTER GDEM
  • Correctly set HGT files (SRTM, NASADEM) as pixel-is-point
  • Fixed problem that displays often started out all missing data because the percentiles used for color scaled were wrong, which happened with both imagery and DEMs and landcover
  • Revised GDAL file location dialogs
  • Fixed problems with files names of Landsat histogram files
  • Fixed problems with contouring
  • Fix bug that move or copy matching files was case sensitive

March 2021

New features Bug Fixes
  • Subbottom profiler Major revisions to subbottom imagery display
  • Modified Plot single focal mechanism on the map by clicking.
  • Absolute value added as option for Single grid arithmetic  (or map algebra)
  • Creation of HTML output now copies the HTML into the clipboard, so you can paste it immediately and directory into another program like Excel
  • Option on the Overlay menu to scribble on the map.  Makes a line, but it is not saved when the map redraws.  Handy when screen sharing with a remote colleague or student.
  • Many small enhancements for Geomorphometry analysis
  • Cartography menu: new option for Grid spacing and rotation: compute the spacing, and the rotation angle between grid and true north.  You can create a database for a single DEM, or do all the open DEMs and then get a summary table.
  • Map marginalia now shows the maximum distance distortion on the map (which determines if a scalebar will appear)
  • Map marginalia map name on map now has the data for Landsat and Sentinel-2
  • Two new options for colors contoured stereonet (also for SSO diagram)
  • Now automatically uses GDAL to automatically convert tiled and compressed Geotiffs to a format MICRODEM will read
  • Removed support for the MICRODEM PRJ files.  They were probably not working very well, and WKT files probably now work as well
  • Now using version 5 of the MICRODEM DEM header.  This increases the header size to 2048 bytes, to allow very verbose WKT strings to be included. 
  • Loading OpenStreetMap will find files that are several directory levels down, so you can just unzip and go without any directory cleanup
  • Option (on Maps  tab of the Options form) to set a max acceptable linear distortion beyond which a scalebar will not be drawn.
  • Single method for reflectance, and the code changed to fix problems where dx and dy were different.  This issue first appeared when comparing 1"x2" and 1"x1" DEMs covering the same area.
  • Fixed recent bug for any operation (like topo profiles) that needed the average spacing of the DEM, which was set to 0 for arc second DEMs.
  • Fixed bug that detailed map export to clipboard probably could not be reached
  • Fixed problem with NS and EW directional aspects (was using aspect in degrees for radians)
  • Remembers the filter chosen for satellite imagery
  • Save map as registered image--dumb picture, roundoff errors, but can be reopened in GIS program is working again
  • Fixed (and improved) option to reinterpolate grids (which might not be an optimal solution)

February 2021

New features Bug Fixes
  • New options for Geomorpho90 data set (particularly geomorphons)
  • Edit, Math for a database has a new option to compute percentages
  • Bar plot showing the distribution of categories, say for land cover.  It is on the Report tab of the database form, and requires a "PERCENT" and "COLOR" fields.  You can combine this with Report, Legend to get the names and percentages. 
  • Get a plot of slope by region size for a single location, Right click, Geomorphometry, Point slope by region size.  Size plotted is the y direction size, which matters for a geographic DEM.
  • Various improvements to New version grids from point clouds
  • New map does not appear until it is fully drawn
  • Fixed bug that Edit, change Z units always changed to CCAP
  • Fixed bugs with Topographic fabric vector overlay
  • Fixed problem reading GeoTiff with multiple bands in the same file

January 2021

New features Bug Fixes
  • Changed location of where WKT files are kept, and significant changes to reading to WKT.  Please report any problems if you have WKT files that do not read correctly.
  • Major revamp of reading TIFFs.  Please report any problems.
  • Reads BigTiff
  • Reads tiff EU 25 m LAEA DEM, and probably other LAEA data
  • Updated to tDBF r738 as the database engine
  • Option to get the dx, dy, and grid-true angle for points in a DEM (on cartography menu)
  • Allows more than 32767 columns and rows in a grid
  • Option on Analyze, Algorithms to get GDAL slope maps with three different spacings (EW, NS, and average)
  • Removed the old climate stations DB unless specifically enabled on Geology/Geography tab of the options form.  It has too many caveats, the data is old and does not have good metadata, and the World Climate2 option does it all anyway.
  • Option to add a PRJ file to a shapfile, on the Edit menu
  • Option to make a shapefile with the outlines of all open databases, on the Report menu
  • Option on Match other maps menu to make a single bitmap with all the open maps.
  • Extract point cloud returns on the map right click
  • LIDAR Point clouds: on the Stats tab
    • Cell statistics: compute elevation statistics for every cell in the DEM on which the point cloud is displayed,
    • New grid creation modules using the median of the first returns, all non-noise returns, or the ground classified points.  This is designed for medium to large grid cells, such as 30 m or 1"
  • 6 new stretched color palettes
  • Fixed bug that graphical filtering of DBs did not work
  • Fixed some anomalies with graticules

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