SRTM Water Bodies

Place SRTM water bodies data in c:\mapdata\srtm-swbd.  Copy the DVD exactly onto your hard disk, and you should have the files in two subdirectories, east\SWBDeast and west\SWBDwest.  The files will be zipped and directly accessible by MICRODEM. 

  • From Manage Overlays, pick "SRTM water bodies" to plot these.
  • From Edit menu, pick "Edit, mark as missing, SRTM water bodies" to temporarily delete the water bodies from the DEM.  If you save the DEM, they will be permanently deleted.  This will try to blow the map up to 1:1 view, and will prompt you for the zoom factor if 1:1 view would be too large.

The shape files will be unzipped and plotted.

You should be careful about the size of the map region on which you attempt this; there are 7571 shape files for the eastern hemisphere and 4658 files for the western. 

This will not color the major ocean basins; there are no files for 1 cells with no land.  You could flood fill those.



Last revision 9/4/2021