State, County, or Province DEMs or Grids

Examples.  These show the gridded data for just a state, county, country or province.  They can be particularly useful when you want to compute statistics for the map, but only include the political region.

Check the "Edit" checkbox on the right of the database toolbar.

Option 1, if you have a shapefile with a single record for the region you want.

Option 2

  • Double click on the record for the country or province you want to use.
  • The country or province will be highlighted on the map.
  • Pick the "Mask DEM/Grid" choice from the popup.
  • Pick masking options (defaults should be fine).
Program will zoom to the region desired, and mask out areas not included in the country or province.

File, Save DEM, and then pick either:

  • Current subset, MD DEM
  • Portion of DEM with data which might be significantly smaller and faster to load.

Symbol and color selection on the database Table view makes the boundaries easier to see.


For landcover map, legend should appear automatically. This shows the percentage of the area in each category.

Regenerate Land cover legend.

For a more general masking:

 This would let you get statistics over just the county or state, and not the "random" rectangle covered by the data.

Last revision 4/7/2020