Terra Base II Status

 Terra Base II  was a training system based on MICRODEM to expose soldiers to:

There no plans to field another version of Terra Base II.  The Terra Base II home page no longer exists, and no longer distributes any of the  resources that complemented the help file.

Terra Base II was not updated after Version 6.03 was released in May 2003. There is no official program for testing changes as MICRODEM continues to evolve. Without independent testing, we cannot envision that an "official" release will be made, and all users must be aware that MICRODEM may have bugs. The current version has many significant improvements relative to 6.03.

The TBII name has been removed from the program  to emphasize that there is no input or testing in the program from the owners of the TBII designation, and that the current MICRODEM is solely the work of one person and is being designed for education and science research.

TB II version TB II Posted on WWW Work done Corresponding MICRODEM release
Version 6.0x Fall 2002 to spring 2003 2002-2003 Fall 2004
Version 6.0 8/15/2002 2002 Jan 2002
Version 5.1  11/16/2001 (5.11 minor maintenance release, early 2002) Summer and fall 2001 12.75--14.10 is official TBII-v 5.1 release
Version 5  2/15/2001 (5.01, 5.02, and 5.03 minor maintenance releases , spring 2001) Summer and fall 2000 12.21--12.60 is official TBII-v 5 release

Version 4 

7/20/2000 Summer 1999 to summer 2000 12.01
Version 3 5/6/1999 Summer 1998 11.01

TerraBase II was the direct descendant of Terranal, the first fielded Army microcomputer terrain analysis software for the MICROFIX. TerraBase II is the cousin of TerraBase, also derived from Terranal, but TerraBase II had independent code development as MICRODEM. TerraBase II was originally a modified version of the MICRODEM program, and later became a selectable set of menus choices from within MICRODEM .

People who contributed to code in this program:

Testing of the TerraBase II software was done by the TRADOC Terrain Visualization Center at Fort Leonard Wood, especially Mark Adams,  whose assistance was invaluable.

Last revised 10/17/2017