Perspective View

This pseudo-3D view that shows what the observer would see standing on the ground at the selected location. Several types of perspective view are available:

All perspective views follow the same steps for both generation and modification.  They require a DEM.

When you left double click on any ground position in the perspective view, the coordinates and elevation are reported.

In picking a view you should consider the tradeoffs for image quality.

The gallery shows sample perspective views.

Label features on perspective.

Alpha blending perspective to match photograph or web cam image.

The menu has an option to show the sun position, either for the current date or a specified data.

Geometry: The view is made of a series of radials radiating for the viewer's location.  They are equally spaced by angle.  Points are drawn along each radial at equal intervals, and can use vertical earth curvature. They are drawn the same way as viewsheds or weapons fans Vertical angles are equal to the horizontal, with vertical exaggeration if desired.

Last revision 6/2/2021