Coordinate Conversion

on Main toolbar brings up popup menu with:

If you want to do batch coordinate transformations from Lat/long in WGS84, you can create a database and use the options on the Edit menu of the database table form to convert to UTM, MGRS, or Mercator x/y.

This window allows coordinate conversion. It will convert between any two datum in the list in DMA TR 8350.2.

Input data goes on the left side of the window, and the converted data on the right. The memo box at the bottom of the window contains the results of your conversions, which you can save to a file or print.

Enter coordinates in three ways by clicking on the small globe. The coordinates will be converted for the local datum in the input box. 

The output to the right will display in all three formats.

The display in the box at the bottom will put the input coordinates in the same format you entered them. You can select one or more output methods (lat/long, UTM, or MGRS). The buttons above this box control the display:

The check boxes on the right control how the output will be displayed in the display box at the bottom. You can select as many as you want of the output methods, including Lat/Long, UTM, or MGRS. You can also automatically display overlapping coordinates if the selected location is within 40 km of a 6 degree zone boundary, and have the lat/long in all three formats.

The buttons on the bottom of the form :

You can set the input and output datums as identical if you only want to display equivalent MGRS, UTM, or lat/long coordinates.


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Last revision 8/31/2018