Options Form (Options Menu choice)

Window allows you to access options that customize program operation. Tabs group the various options.

Select with Options choice on the program menu, the button on the splash screen, or by clicking on the status bar at the bottom of the screen..

Tabs bring up the following pages:
Buttons on the bottom:
  • OK: accept defaults,  save to disk in default location
  • Cancel
  • INI file options
    • Save copy: save INI file selections to disk, specify location.  You could share this with another user, or save to have multiple configurations.  This is probably easier to find than the Windows selected location.
    • Import copy: open saved INI defaults file.
    • Help: display this topic
    • Restore defaults: restore the standard defaults which provide the "best" results for general operations.
    • Recreate INI file: deletes the INI file completely, and then restores it.  This is a more complete version of restore defaults.  If you are running multiple versions of the program (compiled at different times, and not just multiple menu flavors), this will  delete any settings for other versions of the program, and any settings that are no longer used or have been renamed.
    • View INI  file, which is ASCII and you can carefully edit it.

Settings are stored in an INI file.

Last revised 7/30/2020