Contour Map Options

Window allows you to select the variable parameters for the contour map, which you can start in several ways:

Options available include:

  • Contour interval: distance between contour lines.
  • Regular:  no effect if ChromaDepth colors are selected. Contours not otherwise colored will be in this color.
  • Overlay: when overlaying contour lines on a map or satellite image, only one color will be used.
  • High index: the highest index contour line can be a distinctive color.
  • Index: every fifth contour line can be a different color.
  • Low index: the lowest index contour line can be a distinctive color.
  • Zero: if present in the area, the zero contour line (often sea level) can be a different color.
  • Contour colors:
    • Specified: different colors for the 5 categories on the right
    • Single: only one color.
    • ChromaDepth: if selected, the contour lines will be colored from highest to lowest on the map with a rainbow range of colors from blue (lowest) to red (highest). Because of the black background, this option is not recommended if you want to print the image.
    • Terrain:
  • Contour line width:
  • Label contours: only label contours for small maps. It can take forever on large maps because of the need to connect the contour line segments.
  • Index contour width.
  • Export contour lines in shape file: 

Selecting OK will draw the contour map with the selected parameters; cancel will abort the contour operation.

For overlaying contours on another map, only the contour interval and the Overlay contour line color are available.

Last revised  4/16/2021