Known Limitations/Problems

Under obscure circumstances, the program may try to delete system files in the root directory (c:\).  This is error trapped inside MICRODEM (the files will not be deleted), and you are requested to submit a bug report with a debug log so we can figure out what causes this.  To date, we have not gotten any useful information to track down the issue.  Our best guess is that the problem only occurs when the BDE has not been installed first, and will go away after you get it installed.

Disabled Options

Some operations with UTM data sets that cross a zone boundary may not work correctly.  We will try to resolve these, but in the meantime there is a simple fix to transform the DEM to lat/long units or use a lat/long DEM in the first place.  Use Save DEM option on the File menu, and pick Reinterpolate, lat/long option.  Examples include:

With free software, you get what the developer thinks are the most important options.

MICRODEM  is a work in progress. We would be waiting for the next millenium to get everything perfect and include everything that someone might want.  This program is designed to support my research and as a teaching tool, for GIS, geology, digital terrain data and its uses.

Please send feedback. Use the free Delphi Forum to ask questions or make comments.

Last revision 2/23/2016