File Menu

When the program starts, the program should have these choices available on the file menu. Most are also available on the toolbar.  Other menus.

  • Data Manipulation: allows data manipulation such as importing, merging, subsetting. Only available if no data sets are open.

  • Close:
Once you have loaded data sets, the contents of the file menu may change depending on the type of window you have active. The file menu should have some of the following choices available when a map window is active:
  • Open submenu
  • Print: send the contents of the current window to the printer.
  • Edit image: this provides a way to print the contents of the active window. It calls the program associated with BMP files (the standard Windows Bit Mapped Picture), which is normally Paintbrush. From within this program you can annotate the image and then print it. Print and Print setup should be options under the File Menu of Paintbrush. If this option does not work, you need to associate an executable file with the BMP file extension.
  • Copy to clipboard: setting on the Maps tab of options form determines if this has marginalia automatically added.
  • Save image--dumb picture, useful only for documents or presentations. 
  • Save all maps as image: if they are all the same size, you can easily then create a figure using
  • Save map as registered image--dumb picture, roundoff errors, but can be reopened in GIS program
  • Save DEM, with a variety of formats possible, and option to reinterpolate.
  • Save satellite image
  • Create DEM to match map: create a blank UTM or lat/long grid to match the map extent.
  • Save range circles: this will save the range circles as a shape file, for display in other software or export to Google Earth.
  • Save project: createDB that will include all the DEMs and imagery open.  This can be restored by selecting the next menu choice, or automatically when the program starts if you select the option on the Program tab of the options form.  Individual views of the data sets will not be restored.
  • Load feature grid
  • Load building grid
  • Load vegetation grid
  • Load vegetation layers
  • Load weapons fan
  • Load LOS/topo profile
  • Legend
  • Replay flight route
  • Match other maps:
    • This coverage area: all other maps will have the same size and area as this one.  If you mix types of map (for example, UTM and lat/long, "same" will be approximate.
    • Same elevation colors; other elevation maps will have the same color scale.
    • Outline coverage area: show the coverage area of this map on the other maps.  This can help provide a location map for a detailed map.
    • Outline other maps: show the coverage area of the other maps on this map.
    • All 1:1 scale--the best size to show all data.
    • All same pixel size as this map
    • All same display (slope, elevation, hillshade)
  • Tools
  • Import: options that require a map to do the import
  • View EXIF images
  • Close: close the active window to reduce screen clutter.


Last revision  7/17/2018