Satellite Band/Color Selection

Open with  Imagery bands/colors button on the map tool bar, or by right clicking on the image and selecting “Pick band/colors” from the pop up menu.

Select the band or bands to display. The preview displays what the image will look like.

  • The radio buttons on the right determine whether the image will be display in color or a single band grayscale (there must be three bands for a color image).   True color and false color use the standard band combinations for the satellite; if you want psychodelic IR combinations use Pick multiband
  • Pick the band or bands to display with the list boxes on the left.
  • The buttons on the side will give you the true color and false color options and pan sharpening if you have a Landsat 7 or 8 image.
  • Examples of color combinations.
  • Quick redraw does the full image redraw as soon as you change a selection.  Uncheck if the redraw is too slow, and just judge the band selection with the preview window.
  • Ignore 0 for histograms: this is usually the missing data flag.
 Set satellite contrast from the second tab

Last revision 9/23/2019