TCP Interface for MICRODEM

TCP interface changed on 3/13/2015 (attach and detach no longer required).  If you want to use the newer version of the server in MICRODEM, you must change your interface code.

Not all commands are currently working.  Contact us if you have problems.  After several years when the capability was not working, some options are now working and the others could be re-enabled with little effort.

Open MICRODEM in server mode on the File, Tools menu

Working commands:

Commands are case sensitive.

Category Number of Commands
Manage TCP Connections 4
Load and unload data 9
Weapons fans & viewsheds 5
Map display 16
Database commands (including gazetteer) 11
OpenGL Commands 7
Geomorphometry 1
Grid manipulation 1
Total 48

TCP commands have been successfully written in C++, Java, and Delphi.  You can also script the commands and run them with the MICRODEM TCP Control program.

The commands as currently set up only support a single client at a time.  MICRODEM will be a personal server for that single client.

The MICRODEM responses  can be considered to be a verb, a completion code, and a series of parameters, separated by "|" and terminated with a "$":

For options that you cannot set via the TCP, you should set them in MICRODEM and save the defaults.

Last revision 3/18/2015