Sample Code


Define TCP connection:

As of 3/13/2015, no longer required

Attach to MICRODEM TCP server:

Open DEM:

Do something useful.  

Close DEM:

As of 3/13/2015, no longer required

Detach from  the MICRODEM TCP server:


This is actual Delphi code; other languages would have similar syntax.  Note that after each line written to MICRODEM, the program must read the response. We have combined the two into a single function call.

The Delphi code uses a TCP object (TCPclient in the code above) from  The hard details are in the object; the program sets the Host and Port, and then just reads and writes.  The Indy object has (annoyingly) significantly changed how this operates over the last few versions.  Be prepared to make adjustments.

Testing TCP interface demonstrates how to do scripting via TCP, either from the same computer or another accessible via network.

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