Geomorphometry TCP Commands for MICRODEM


These are currently not enabled.  See the separate list of working commands.



Command Point SSO Computations
Format: POINT-SSO|Lat|Long|BoxSize$
Sample: POINT-SSO|37.19|-117.69|2500$
MICRODEM Response:  POINT-SSO|0|s1s2|s2s3|Trend$
Possible error messages:
  • POINT-SSO|-1|Invalid Point$
  • POINT-SSO|-2|No DEM loaded$
  • POINT-SSO|-3|Point outside DEM$
  1. SSO diagram discussion
  2. Total box size in meters
  3. s1s2 is flatness, s2s3 is organization, and Trend is the dominant direction for ridges and valleys.
  4. The "Invalid point" message means there are not enough points in the region (currently set at 50) for an SSO computation.  You shouldmake the region larger.


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Last revision 5/11/2007