Test TCP Interface

This has just changed, and the program may be in flux for a while.

Program installed in directory with MICRODEM executable.

Program allows testing the TCP interface, or scripting to run the operations exposed by MICRODEM's TCP interface.

MICRODEM must be running, and TCP server started.  You can start MICRODEM with the "Open MD" command, which will start with the -TCP command line parameter.

Set IP address of PC on which MICRODEM is running.  The port should be set to the port selected in the Web tab of the Options form.  It will be displayed on the TCP command window inside MICRODEM.


Use the load button to load a script, or compose one in the edit box.

Use "Commands" button to execute the script.


  If you start this program with a command line parameter that is the name of a text file, it will:

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Last revision  3/13/2015