TIGER County Map

Selected on main program toolbar. Opens a vector map in UTM projection showing the entire county. You will probably want to Subset data set to zoom in. By default MICRODEM uses smart scaling to show increasing levels of detail as you zoom in with the TIGER data.

Pick state by entering its two character abbreviation in the edit box, and then pick the county by either name or FIPS code.  If you do not get any counties, try Re_Index, and verify that your data is in the correct location.

Double click on the country, or click the OK button when the correct county is highlighted.

When looking for TIGER files, you must have the files in the correct TIGER data directories and the index current.  You can re-index if required, or locate the files with the "Find file" option.

If you need the bounding box for the county, scroll to the right and the high and low lat/longs will be shown.

TIGER overview.

TIGER plotting options

Last revision 11/1/2017