Tissot Indicatrix Options

Option on Cartography menu ("Map distortion") which lets you put a Tissot indicatrix and the h & k parameters at any point on the map by double clicking.


Option on the Map Overlays to put indicatrices on a map in a regular pattern.

Also available from Cartography, Tissot indicatrix

Spacing of  indicatrices for Map Overlays option:
  • Spacing in degrees on the lat/long graticule
  • Uniform spacing in pixels on the map

Pick the base diameter of the indicatrices, and the color and line width.

Show h and k (stretching along meridians and parallels), and the number of decimals.  If you need to see very precise differences, you need more decimal places.  Some skewed projections (e.g. Lambert azimuthal equal area or orthographic) use h' and k' because the stretching is not along parallels and meridians.

Tissot indicatrix theory

last revision 5/19/2009