TPI, Topographic position index

General discussion of Roughness

TPI after Weiss (2001, ESRI user conference poster).

Guisan, A., S. B. Weiss, A. D. Weiss 1999. GLM versus CCA spatial modeling of plant species distribution. Plant Ecology 143: 107-122

the same as the difference to the mean calculation (residual analysis) proposed by Wilson & Gallant (2000)

Also in  ( Wilson, M.F.J., O’Connell, B., Brown, C., Guinan, J.C., and Grehan, A.J., 2007,Multiscale Terrain Analysis of Multibeam Bathymetry Data for Habitat Mapping on the Continental Slope: Marine Geodesy, 30:1-2, 3-35,DOI: 10.1080/01490410701295962).


See TRI, Terrain Ruggedness Index for how to compute and similar metrics


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