UK Lidar DSM and DTM

DTM/DSM at 2 m, 1 m, and 0.5 m resolutions:

  • Central London.   There are gaps in the data, and it is the luck of the draw whether they occur where you want data.  This 1.5 GB DEM is 20Kx20K postings, and at this scale you really do not appreciate its detail.  The major OSM roads are overlaid.

    This data was downloaded in Feb 2016; the holes will undoubtedly eventually be filled in.
    Full 1 m detail of the Prime Meridian through Greenwhich.
    DTM/DSM for the same area in Portsmouth, UK.

    The DTM is very generalized, and does not provide a good visualization of what is there.


    These do not have any metadata in the data files (which are an inefficient ASCII format).  For MICRODEM you must insure that the path to the files contains the phrase "uk-os".  Other software will require that you identify the projection and datum.

    To use in MICRODEM:

    Last revised10/26/2017