US "Standard" Databases

Some of these may no longer be available on the web, and some might be old and better options could exist.

Feature & source Coverage Notes Fields Used For Labels File Name
Geologic map (must be reprojected before use)--digital version of King's 1974 geologic map of the United States. 12,934 polygons

161 units based on age and lithology

UNIT + ROCKDESC us\geology_king\geology-polygon.dbf
Climate divisions: 1991 National Climatic Data Center
  • Average temp (F) and standard deviation
  • Average precip (in) and standard dev
  • Units larger than counties


Physiographic Provinces: (must be reprojected before use) Fenneman, N.M., and Johnson, D.W, 1946, Physical divisions of the United States Codes for 8 major divisions, 25 provinces, and 86 sections representing distinctive areas having common topography, rock types and structure, and geologic and geomorphic history FENCODE+PROVINCE+SECTION us\fennprov\fennprov.dbf
US Interstates from NOAA     us\interstates\in101503.shp
USGS 24K Quad: names and locations of the 1:24K 7' topographic quadrangles. Must have field "NAME"   us\quads24K\24Kgird.dbf

The files go in c:\mapdata\database\us, with each of these files having its own directory.

This was originally set up for use with the National Atlas, which is now defunct, so you will have to get your own shapefiles and set your selections for rivers, roads, states, and counties (perhaps for another country) in US smart outlines.

Last revision 2/17/2017